EP11 – CEO Rob Braiman of Cogent Analytics

Mr. Braiman has a long-standing history as an Entrepreneur. he has been personally responsible for the development and growth of three directly owned and successful start-ups, he brings a passion for the small to mid-market segment of business. Mr. Braiman has spent 15 years working directly with business owners to improve strategic planning, operations, growth, and business development. The birth of Cogent Analytics was etched in his decade participation within the business community as a Senior Business Analyst representing the clients Cogent now serves. Mr. Braiman has been personally engaged with over 1000 businesses across the United States working to further the interests of other business owners like himself. A husband of 20 years and a father of two Mr. Braiman’s absolute commitment to family, community, his employees and clients is unquestionable. The foundation of his value system started in the U.S. Military as a young man serving with SOCOM.

Find Mr. Braiman at https://www.cogentanalytics.com/contact-directory/rob-braiman-2

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